Poly Ranch Rope: The Spade 3 Strand

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Poly Ranch Rope: The Spade 3 Strand

Unlock a new level of Precision with Poly Ranch Rope: The Spade 3 Strand 

Elevate your roping game with the The Spade 3 Strand Poly Ranch Rope, crafted for buckaroos and cowpunchers alike who like a ranch rope with weight, life, and just a flick of body. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this lariat rope is your ticket to unmatched performance on the ranch.

Key Features:

  • Lead Weighted for Pinpoint Accuracy: The Spade boasts a lead-weighted design, ensuring each throw is met with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Durable 3 Strand Construction: Built to endure the demanding nature of ranching, the The Spade features a robust 3-strand construction. This provides the ideal balance of strength and flexibility for seamless handling.
  • Available in Lengths 30’ to 60’: Tailor your roping experience with the The Spade's versatility. Whether you prefer a shorter, more controlled throw or a longer reach, our poly ranch rope is available in lengths ranging from 30 to 60 feet, offering options that suit your individual style.
  • Versatile Roping for Buckaroos and Cowpunchers: The Spade is a great choice for buckaroos and cowpunchers alike, from the roping pen to doctoring outside The Spade is a great choice. Experience the versatility that adapts to various roping situations, providing unmatched performance in every scenario.

Who is it for and How to Use:

           The Spade 3 Strand Poly Ranch Rope is tailored for the true cowhands – buckaroos and cowpunchers who demand excellence in their tools. Ideal for cattle ranching, rodeo events, or honing your roping skills, The Spade is your go-to choice. Simply select your preferred length and rope with confidence, knowing you have a top-tier poly ranch rope on your saddle.

Upgrade your roping arsenal with The Spade 3 Strand Poly Ranch Rope – where durability, precision, and style converge for an unparalleled roping experience!

We stand behind our ropes and use them daily ourselves, but due to the nature of the job and the stress that can be put on these ropes, especially with trailer loading or roping larger animals, we cannot guarantee they will never break.  
*If you are roping larger animals, such as bulls or cows, we recommend checking out the Lt Blue Citation Uoza 3 strand in a large diameter*
the spade three strand 60 foot side
the spade three strand 60 foot front