Rope Warranty and Exchanges

Rope Refunds or Exchanges - We will gladly give refunds or exchanges on ropes provided they are in excellent, clean, unused condition. Roping the dummy in a clean, dry place a few times is the best way to try out a rope and it still be good for a refund or exchange.
If the rope is gently used we will do partial refunds/exchanges depending on the condition of the rope. 
*Exceptions - We will not take back waxed cotton ropes or discounted ropes*
Simply return it to us, put a note in the box as to what you'd like to do with the rope. We will email you an invoice if there is a difference owed, or give a refund if needed.
Return Address:


310 Ranch Life
4840 Dogwood Road

Ardmore, OK 73401

Rope Warranty - We stand behind our ropes and use them daily ourselves, but due to the nature of the job and the stress that can be put on these ropes, especially with trailer loading or roping larger animals, we cannot guarantee they will never break, all ropes have a breaking point.  *If you are roping larger animals, such as bulls or cows, we recommend checking out the Lt Blue Citation Uoza Poly in a large diameter - 3 strand or another large diameter 3 strand rope.*