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Picking out a rope can be challenging! Here is a video to help!

How To Break In A New Rope - Ropes with a lot of body, having a firm composition are great for keeping your loop open, especially the waxed cottons and New 310 Alpha Polys, that have nice weight and life too! With a firmer bodied rope, having memory in the coils comes along with it, so the need to break in your rope in essential. In the video below Dalton demonstrates how to break in the Maverick, the new 310 Alpha Series Poly; this breaking in process also works on Cottons, Nylons, and any firmer poly rope! You can also read below for more details on breaking in a rope!


There are several ways to break in new ropes. Here are a couple ways we like to break in any rope that has a firmer body to it. We recommend breaking in the following ropes…..

Waxed cottons, Firm polys – New 310 Alpha Polys/Gold Rush Poly/Citation Poly, Nylons.

Stretch It & Feed Your Rope Around Your Horn

  1. Take your new rope and rope a fence post.
  2. Walk off while uncoiling your entire rope.
  3. Dally off to your saddle horn and back your horse up until rope is tight to stretch the rope
  4. Recoil your rope until back to the fence post.
  5. Dally off to your saddle horn one or two wraps (if you have a slick horn, if not just stretch it).
  6. Walk off slowly and allow your rope to run around your horn keeping a moderate tension on your rope.
  7. Run your rope all the way to the tail and then recoil.
  8. Repeat 2 to 3 times as needed.

Use It

  1. Softer 3 and 4 strand polys usually do not require any breaking in and simply using your rope will be good enough to get it broke in.
  2. Firmer ropes after they have been feed around your horn or stretched or both, depending on the rope, simply just need to be used. Roping a few calves typically will work out any left kinks and get your rope to feeling good. If you are only going to be roping a dummy, stretching and feeding your rope again from time to time will help keep them feeling good.

 If you still have trouble with your rope, we are always here to help!

  • Call Us, John Darnell 334-235-2306, Dalton Darnell 334-224-5577, Joni Darnell 334-328-1985


Feeding around your horn is also easy to do with a 4-wheeler/ATV while sitting on your saddle on a saddle stand. Stretching your rope can also been done on an ATV instead of horse back.

Our Waxed Cottons are stretched before we send them to you, running them around your horn typically is sufficient or just start using it; stretching them again in not normally needed but you can do it as needed.

Nylons, especially team ropes benefit from using them for a few calves then letting them rest. Be sure they are coiled up in a large loop like it came in. Letting it relax overnight will help with the longevity of your rope.

HOW TO ATTACH A LEATHER ROPE STRAP  - John demonstrates how to attach a leather rope strap to two different types of saddles.