Half & Half Livestock

Meet Cody and Victoria Harris, owners of Half and Half Livestock LLC.
Cody and Victoria have been in the horse and ranching world throughout their lives. Cody's passion for this lifestyle began as a young boy. He was in 4-h and loved the horsemanship aspect. Friends who became mentors in the area saw this passion, took him under their wing, and taught him all he could soak up about horses and ranching. Sarah Jane, a neighbor that owned a feedlot down the road from the home he grew up in, became a considerable influence in his life and future career. Cody has cowboyed and trained horses for a living, sometimes together, sometimes separately. From riding so many in both scenarios, he has learned that the combination of real ranch work and focused arena training is the best for a well-rounded, solid horse. Our horses get exposed to so much outside from rugged terrain, roping yearlings, branding all day, sorting cattle, and unknown scenarios we can't prepare them for. This makes a horse ready to experience any situation with you leading them. They know a day's work, which transitions to the arena with ease in many disciplines. Especially into rope horses, they have all the basics from roping outside and in the branding pen that when you start roping in the arena, they have the foundation to succeed at any age. Victoria grew up on a Boy Scout Ranch, helping with leading trail rides and pack trips throughout her youth. Her Dad always valued horsemanship and instilled that in her by taking her to clinics to further her knowledge. This lifestyle gave her a great environment to learn and ride many different horses. Victoria has worked for both training facilities, contract colt starting in Kentucky and OK, and ranches throughout the US. Each place and person she has worked with has helped shape her horsemanship, giving her a unique combination of training skills. Cody and Victoria met at a Ranch Rodeo they married in 2019. Together they have started a contract cattle care business that cares for 3,000 in the summer months. This gives all their horses a true working environment to learn in. They move to the warmer country in the winter months to continue training these horses and prepare them for selling.  
We look forward to working with you!

Feel free to contact us for prices on any horse. Prices are posted when a horse has completed our training program, but all horses are available for purchase at any time. Prices naturally will vary depending on the horses accomplished progress at time of inquiry.

Terms & Conditions of Your Horse Purchase
  • Horses sell on a first come first serve basis
  • Vet checks, pre-purchase exams and x-rays are welcomed at buyers expense. We will happily help arrange this with a vet in our area. (some horses that we have currently for sale have current x-rays within the last year available)
  • No payment plans, No trials
  • After you have agreed to purchase a horse from Half and Half Livestock LLC and you have paid for your new horse, it is your horse. Half and Half Livestock is no longer the owner of said horse. You are immediately responsible for said horse in every way. With that being said we will give your horse the best care until you can pick up or they are shipped out.
  • We accept cash, cashiers check, or wire transfer
  • We make no guarantees on any horses we have for sale. But we will disclose all information that we have on each horse's health and behavior.
  • We can help arrange shipping of any purchased horse at buyers expense.